Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Don’t get lost in the sea of search engine searches. We research prime keywords and relevant content to increase your ranking on the search engines. We will track your progress with every step constantly, and we will do fine-tune to approach the maximum results.

A serious business growth will be made by SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it really works. Why? Very simple! With the right strategy it will target the users that are most likely to convert on your website. At Smoovo we customize campaigns to every client, includes keyword research and content implementation. This helps most valuable audience find you online. To make sure your campaign performs at its best we will analyze the results and maintain it when its necessary.

Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)

Targeting your ideal customers can be done based on demographics, location and keywords. We will guide you how to customize your PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns. It will lead to very high quality traffic stream.

PPC advertising is one of the best ways to target your most qualified audience instantly. It allows you to reach them where they’re already looking, and gain a leg up against competitors from day one.

Smoovo can help bring a custom PPC campaign to life to help you increase both – conversions rate and revenue for your business.

Social Media Marketing

To grow your customer database you need to be where they are – online. Social media engages customers in a personal way, which is the best. We help with humanizing your brand and creating authentic conversations with your potential customers and prospects.

Social media platforms provide many opportunities to connect with people. You could miss out these opportunities if you don’t run a social media marketing campaign. Marketing on these platforms is one of the most beneficial ways to connect with your audience. Social media spend is slated to increase about 19% in the next three years. So whether you are sharing links and content, or just providing special offers to your followers, social media is a great way to interact and convert.